To the viewer...I was called to deliver these four scrolls to appointed Churches of the Western Hemisphere Canada wide, To the Pope and to the ends of the earth. My job is done ! 

As you will notice. There is not even a contact form on this site. The reason is obvious...I want it that way!  

1) I did not offer my time to do this  

2) I  did not want to do this

3)  I'm glad it's done and over

Why did I do it?  ... Because I was called to do it

So ask yourselves... What is so important about these scrolls?




In September 2015, Four scrolls 'Never seen before' were delivered to the Pope. The 1st scroll 'To the Churches of the Western hemisphere' 'The Book of Jerijah'  'A new prayer'  and  'The Fourth Secret'

Why has the Pope not revealed them to the world? 

The Fourth Secret

Translated from Latin to English

By the authority of the Holy Spirit, I was shown a vision of things to come, hear!
In the first wave I saw by the left of our Holy Mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Michael, sword in left hand with a flaming inferno coming out of the edge.
Awake, awake, awake. Penance, penance, penance, cried out the Arch Angel Michael and His legion of Angels.
Fallen are the Shepherds of the Lord, from the mountain top, to the far ends of the earth.
Penance, penance, penance, cried out two cherubim’s to send forth the Arch Angel Gabriel to announce the coming of the Lord.
A second wave of fury was unleashed by the blood of Ishmael onto the primal shepherd of Rome, and all the Lords sheep. As the blood of the Lord’s children flowed down the mountain like a river, I saw flying above, angels crying out in a loud voice that echoed like thunder saying. Woe, woe, woe, to the souls that spilt the blood of the just.
The Angels were holding in their right hand an aspergillum to catch the blood of the fallen saints, and in their left hand, an hour glass half empty. The Angels then gathered the blood of the fallen just and poured it onto a lake turning it red and the lake flowed to the sea turning it red from coast to coast till the far ends of the earth.
A great army came forth from the mother of all territories and from all corners of the Southwest Asia, shouting,
Defiled is our prophet and our God. Their voices echoed across every continent of the earth. I heard the number of the army and its disciples. “Two billion two hundred million” one quarter of the earth’s population.
Swords of fire in hand, they marched to the primal shepherd of Rome, killing in their path, descendants of Isaac and followers of our Lord Jesus the Christ and Savior.
Then I heard a silence in heaven, and the earth of the Pacific Ocean split in three sections causing a great water wave. The first section made its way to the coast crumbling all in its path. I heard a number of souls that were lost. “One hundred thousand, nine thousand”
The second section gathered a wave and made its way to the Eastern continent.
Woe, woe, woe, cried out three Angels to the continent of the 4th Hemisphere.
The third section split in two sections and made their way North and South. Fire and brimstone spewed high in the sky, turning the sun black, causing a great darkness over the nations and kingdoms of the earth.

I heard a great loud sound like rolling thunder coming from the West and seven Angels shouting woe to Rome, Woe to the primal Shepherd of Rome. He has fallen three times.
As I looked toward the Holy City where three religions gather. I saw an Angel standing over a rock in the holy City. In His hand was a staff with a serpent on the top of it, with eyes that glowed and its tail had a spear that when it touched the rock, caused it to split in three parts.
Out of the rock flowed blood, water and oil that looked like black lava. As it evaporated it went up to the sky causing a third of the fowl to fall to the earth. As it flowed in the earth, a third of the Beast, great and small died and rotted away and a third of the fish of two Oceans were floating and they rotted away.
As I looked at the split rock that the Angel was standing on. I saw the Angel with the staff, spreading His wings East to West. From His wings, came a bright light out of both ends that seem to come from the staff with the serpent on it.
“Open the gate” cried out the Angel, now above the rock hovering. The sound of the Angel's voice echoed throughout the heavens, but sounded like a sharp crack of a whip. The light that came out of the Angel's East wing circled the earth and met half way with the West wing's light. No harm came to the Lord's people that were on the North to Northwest side of the divided line.
I heard a voice from heaven saying. Penance, penance, penance, coming down from a hill of the Holy City. I saw the Holy Mother of our Lord crying for her children. Her garments were laced with gold, her blue veil radiated a purple glow around the hill top she was standing on.
I noticed one of her tears fell to the earth and when it made contact with the soil, it caused a great river of blood to flow in all four directions, N, S, E, and W.
The great army of the seed of Ismael tried to slay the Holy mother, but the river of blood swallowed all who came near her. In anger, the army marched to the East and slew her children by the tens of thousands. The army of the seed of Ismael were given swords of fire and a great battle ensued with the Lord's servants. As I watched the Lord's army retreat because they were outnumbered a thousand to one, I heard voices that sounded like trumpets above say... “Not till the last of the 144,000 is born” and I heard the voices of the 24 elders say “hold the sun till the third blood moon of the seventh month comes to pass” As I looked where the voices were coming from. I saw seven Angels on seven horses that roared like a million chariots. In their hands were golden swords and on their blades, these names were inscribed and shined like a bright light. Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. Darkness came over the earth and the sun lost its shine. As I watched the seven Angels strike their swords together, a great lightning came out of the tips of the swords and touched the four rivers of the Holy Mother's tears that turned the blood into fresh living water that only the Lord's army can drink and eased their agony.

Out of the abyss, came a loud noise that rumbled under my feet. As the earth opened up, four dark angels shouting... “Hail to the great one who commeth” And I heard his name, “Satanam” The loud noise was followed by a multitude of winged figures like man, but with heads of iron.
Then out of the fires of the bottomless pits of hades, a fiery flame went up to the heavens, forming a fierce warrior with anger in his eyes. On his left leg was written a name “Satan” in Hebrew, Latin and Greek. As he looked down to earth, every winged figures and the four dark angels fell to their knees shouting hail to our master three times.

Then I saw Satan standing in front of Heaven's 1st gate but could not enter as the Holy arch Angel Michael stood firmly guarding the entrance and behind Him were legions of bright Angels as many as the stars in the sky chanting... “Vengeance is our Lord” three times.
As I looked on in fear, I saw Michael raise an hour glass in His right hand. I saw one grain of golden sand fall. As it fell the Angels shouted... One grain, one pain, woe, woe, woe, to man and beast of the earth. I heard the number of grains in the hour glass...One thousand, zero hundred and nine and five.
As the first grain hit the bottom of the hour glass. Satan pulled out of his chest, a wooden crucifix and held it with both hands as he shouted with a voice of thunder...
“Woe to the heavens, for my kingdom commeth. Woe to thy seed on earth,
they will fall as will heaven”. Then I saw the crucifix burn to ashes and the ashes fell to earth, over the great mountains and into the great rivers, lakes and the seven seas. The ashes multiplied and covered the sun and darkness came upon the earth, as the mountains blew out fire and ash.

Then Satan fell to the earth and opened the gates of the abyss shouting...
Death to the seeds of the Nazarene. As his dark angels came out of the abyss, power was given to them by the wind of the North.

Then a silence came upon the earth, the abyss and in heaven for three days and three nights. Then I saw coming down from the heavens. Seven Seals on the back of seven angels holding seven candles riding on seven horses as white as the clouds. On each seal were the names of seven candles of old In gold writing were the names inscribe.

Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.
The seven angels holding the seven candles were weeping as no one was worthy to light the candles or break the seals or open the two books of the Lord.
From the abyss, I saw Satan try to strike the seals and was intercepted by an angel with a golden robe holding a candle with the name written on it. “Philadelphia”
As Satan retreated. The angel gathered all the seals and gave them to Michael now by his side.
Furious. Satan called upon all his angels to slay the followers of our Lord. As Michael held now all seven seals in his right hand and the seven candles in his left hand. I heard the four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, cry out like sounds of trumpets saying...
Break the seals, break the seals, break the seals. Who is worthy of the earth?
Then a silence on earth came, followed by legions and legions of Angels sounding trumpets. The heaven opened as I fell to my knees and covered my eyes. Then I was touched on the right shoulder and looked who touched me. As I looked, my eyes were blinded by a light brighter then light as a voice softly whispered saying.  “Write down all that you have seen and be not afraid”
As my eyes focused on the voice, I saw a woman with a veil over her head. I asked. Who art thou?
She showed her face and smiled and replied “A messenger” in her hand was a parchment scroll which bared a seal made of gold. On the seal I read a name. Bernadette. Standing by the veiled woman’s side were two angels, Gabriel and an angel of many colored lights like a rainbow. Then Gabriel pointed to the church of Lourdes of France and said...” She awaits you in the dark” For an old prayer will be renewed and a new prayer will be given onto you. Then Gabriel with fiery blue teal colored eyes that glowed like diamond shaped rainbows said... Deliver these what you have been shown to the primal shepherd of Rome of our Lord's flock. Once given, dust off your shoes and worry not your fate.

Falling to my knees, I asked Gabriel. Who will lead me humble angel of my Lord. But the Angel of light standing next to Gabriel answered “Trust in the Lord your God and go fourth”. Go forth to the City of seven hills, where you will find the head shepherd of the rock. The scrolls containing the things to come, and the new prayer is to be handed to him for his eyes only first, then to the ends of the earth.
As I looked up above the angel, I saw twelve men of old and twelve men of new with white robes. They were chanting...” Come Holy Lion of Judah” Then a silence followed by twenty-four angels entering the heavens holing gold chalices chanting... “Holy is the blood that filled the cups of those who drinketh. Holy are those who eat of the Holy Word of His Flesh”
As my eyes were blinded by a bright light coming out of the chalices, I fell to my knees and begged the twenty-four men wearing white robes for the reason of my calling as I am not worthy of such blessings as I fell to my face to the ground in prayer. Then a hand feathered my head and a soft wind came to my ears saying... “Stand and be not concern of your calling for you have been set aside from the beginning for the Lord's purpose. Go fourth and the Lord’s Holy Spirit will be your guide” Write down all things which you Jerijah, have been taught and have seen. Deliver these, for you have been appointed Nuntius of things to come”.




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